Collection: World-Class Weighing Scales At Competitive Prices

Whether you're looking for large weighing scales to measure heaps of flour in your bakery or searching for platform scales for sale to weigh heavy packages in your warehouse, JC Instruments has got you covered.

As Australia's premier laboratory equipment supplier, we provide a range of precision-focused large weighing scales that guarantee accurate measurements with every use, so your business can adhere to strict quality controls.

Top-notch weighing scales for every industry

From small-scale jewellery shops to huge pharmaceutical companies, we have supplied world-class weighing equipment to countless businesses across Australia, making JC Instruments the go-to destination when shopping for platform scales for sale.

Retail industry

Our high-precision platform scales for sale can greatly benefit convenience, grocery and department stores for precise inventory management. This way, your retail shop can reduce the risk of overstocking or understocking and ensure smooth daily operations.

Restaurants and bakeries

The digital weighing scales we offer are indispensable tools for any culinary setting. Our large weighing scales are ideal for portion control and allow you to follow your recipes accurately. That way, the flavour of your dishes is perfectly balanced, and the texture of your food maintains its consistency from one batch to the next.

Jewellery manufacturers

Since precious stones have different weights and densities, accurate measurements are crucial in creating the perfect accessories. So, whether you manufacture sterling silver earrings or gold-plated necklaces, you'll greatly benefit working with our digital weighing scales.

Research labs

Our large weighing scales can assist pharmaceutical labs and other scientific facilities in collecting accurate measurements needed for formulations of medicine and other chemical compounds. JC Instruments also supplies weighing scales to hospitals and medical research laboratories to help measure collected samples.

Shipping facilities and logistics

We have premium platform scales for sale that can help shipment facilities with their logistics, loading and inventory needs. Our platform scales are excellent for calculating shipping costs, complying with weight regulations and optimising your cargo load distributions. 

Schools and universities

Our top-of-the-line weighing scales are valuable in educational settings for diverse applications. In science labs, students can use them when conducting experiments. Meanwhile, our platform scales for sale can be used in school clinics or physical education classes, providing an essential tool for monitoring health and fitness progress.

Turn to JC Instruments for world-class measuring equipment

Whether you're looking for food-grade weighing scales or platform scales that can carry heavy parcels, there's no better place to find what you're looking for than in our online shop. Aside from large weighing scales, we also source all kinds of high-quality scientific equipment from top brands in Australia and across the globe. 

Can't find what you need in our online store? Send us an email, and we'll source it for you! Browse our easy-to-operate weighing scales, perfect for baking and cooking, research gathering, jewellery making and so much more. We also have large weighing scales that are best for shipments and logistics in commercial and industrial setups. 

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What is the best scale to use in measuring heavy objects?

When measuring heavy objects, the ideal choice is an industrial or platform scale. These scales are strategically designed to handle significant weights, ensuring precise and reliable measurements in industrial environments. 

Industrial scales can deliver accurate readings of substantial loads like raw materials and heavy parcels that surpass the capabilities of typical household weighing scales. 

Choosing an industrial scale ensures peak performance when precision and durability are crucial, making it the favoured solution for various applications, from manufacturing to logistics.

What is the difference between industrial and commercial scales?

Industrial scales or platform scales excel in precision when weighing substantial loads like raw materials and heavy containers, making them essential in manufacturing and logistics. In contrast, commercial scales are designed for more varied retail purposes, like measuring tiny pieces of gemstones or grams of dried or powdered ingredients.

While both prioritise accuracy, industrial scales like our platform scales for sale excel in heavy-load scenarios, ensuring reliability in rigorous industrial environments. On the other hand, commercial scales are more user-friendly and designed to cater to a broad spectrum of businesses, from jewellery stores to restaurants and bakeshops.

What are the different types of mechanical weighing scales?

Mechanical weighing scales come in various types, each catering to specific weight ranges, providing versatile solutions for accurate measurements in different contexts.

Spring scales use a spring to measure lighter items, and beam scales utilise a lever and weights for moderate loads. Meanwhile, dial scales, commonly found in retail, display weight on a rotating dial. Lastly, counterscales use a system of weights and a counterbalance, making them suitable for heavier items.